Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Opening Doors with Udacity

About a week ago I restarted my attempt to learn to program. There are a lot of great and free tutorials to get you started. The one I'm following is "Introduction to Computer Science" by Udacity. It's a decent challenge, might be a bit too challenging for total noobs though. The only thing I miss is some more practice material. Still the instruction and explanation material is great.

It's basic setup is to allow you to create a basic search engine with an index, crawler etc. Today I'll start with the lessons of week four. By now all kinds of interesting things have passed by, like a sudoku checker. Of course several programming operations have already passed by like declaring statements, if statements and for loops.

Another advantage that Udacity has in my opinion is that it offers follow up courses, which are already in my agenda. All accessible anytime, anywhere. Free knowledge, to free creativity!

Source: Taina B. and V. van Gogh
Who know I might even create a game of my own....

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