Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Profile Sketches, to pass the time

A framework to implement learning rewards that are non-detrimental for intrinsic learning motivation is in the making. In the meantime I feel the obligation to blogg at least something.

The BBC has done an extensive survey on gaming habits in the UK, followed by a series of interviews. It's well worth taking a look at. The most interesting fact is the massive presence of video games among children age 6 to 10 of which 95% plays atleast a few times a weak. Sadly the datafile is not published for some serious data mining.

Wide surveys like these however can give us a basic picture of the different audiences that play games and for what reason, allowing you to paint player profile sketches to be reckoned with in game development.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Upcoming posts

It's my holliday thus I won't be posting for a while. However when I et home I'll be posting on cognitive and emotional engagement, curiosity and interest, different motivational measures and a reward framework for serious games that doesn't affect intrinsic motivation. For now happy holliday!