Friday, 29 June 2012

Games in Educational Context

This is a pretty important video. One of the main features of digital media, like games is the ability to gather data and compare it. Every teachers assesses his or her students, however we mostly lack comparability. If regular arithmetic exercises were simply done on a tablet, each and every exercise could be used to create a learning profile to improve individual instruction.
past zich aan het tempo/niveau aan
geeft feedback op resultaten
ondersteunt leerstijlen en leerstrategiƫn
wijzigt functionaliteit en inhoud
Games should therefore not only be seen as a game, but as a data gatherer in a wider system of assessment.

There are atleast five important features for serious games to have if they want to be fully usable in education:

  1. It adapts to a student's level and speed.
  2. It adapts to a student's learning strategy and style or alters it
  3. It adapts the presented content accordingly
  4. It allows feedback to the student and ways of contemplation
  5. Teachers should not have to adapt to it

Original source of four of the important features:

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